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Business to Business Customer Satisfaction

Surveys for clients who are focused, particular,

driven, very demanding, somewhat inflexible,

downright hard to please, and who NEVER,

EVER, EVER want to have to explain a bad

decision to the Board.



If you pay a bundle of money for a customer survey and all you get is an incomprehensible pile of paper that you can’t put to productive use, don’t come crying to us because there is zero chance we did the work for you. 

But, if you demand more from a survey than just being able to say that you followed others in the corporate crowd; if you are a stickler for details; if your standards are ridiculously high; if you have absolutely no tolerance for nonsense; and if you are committed to having every possible tool at your disposal to grow your business, then we’re going to work well together.   


We are InfoQuest, inventors of the survey with the highest response rate (+/- 70%)

on the planet.  Actionable results.  Deliverables built on simplicity and clarity.  A

process wrapped around closed-loop communication.  No web.  No phone.  No paper.

  No NPS.  No techno-babble. No hidden agendas.  No smoke and mirrors.  No gambles.

With experience in 104 countries and 25 languages, we’ve been bursting bubbles and

re-writing the conventional wisdoms of customer communication since 1995.  We invite

you to look around our web site.  Afterward, give us a call or drop us a line.  We’ll show

you what an actionable and economically sensible customer survey looks like – one that

you’ll never have to explain away or apologize for………unless it’s to explain what

took you so long.  


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