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About Us


The early prototype of what would become the InfoQuest Business Process Review was first introduced to the marketplace in 1989 as a way to provide business owners and operators with a candid, unfiltered line of sight into the hidden needs, issues and opinions of their customers

Since then, the InfoQuest Group has conducted over 150,000 surveys in 104 countries and in 25 languages, on behalf of client companies located throughout the world. Completed projects have ranged from global, multi-lingual surveys to local marketplace assessments; from surveys of direct customers to dealers, distributors, internal business partners, even employees. Along the way, we've worked with companies in over 100 different industries - manufacturers, professional and financial service providers, healthcare, software, consulting..the list goes on and on. From the Fortune 100 to small family-owned businesses, the adaptability of InfoQuest is without equal.

InfoQuest's success is based on a proprietary survey method that generates unparalleled response rates, highly candid and accurate information and fully attributable results, all supported by analytical techniques and tools that are available nowhere else in the world. Perhaps most importantly, InfoQuest not only rewrote the book on conventional survey methodologies, but it offers clients the only survey that doubles as an effective sales and relationship building tool.



  • To deliver at all times an unimpeachable standard of quality and an unapproachable standard of value.
  • To remain singularly focused on the need to embrace innovation and creativity every day.
  • To avoid complacency by constantly challenging conventional wisdom and belief, both our own and those of others, that excellence can not be improved upon.
  • To do whatever is required to meet, and whenever possible, to exceed the expectations of all clients.
  • To strive for, and to accept, nothing less than total client satisfaction.

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