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Aggregate Customer Reports


The page to the right displays a summary of responses to one of four key satisfaction measurements that are part of every survey.

Overall Satisfaction
Ease of Doing Business
Customer Loyalty (Repurchase Intent)
Customer Loyalty (Willingness to Recommend)

How your customers respond to these four questions provides the broadest overall benchmark of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Everything that follows is designed to explain why they responded the way they did, and what needs to be done to change overall customer opinions.


Although every survey we conduct is customized to meet the needs of individual client companies, a major feature of InfoQuest is our use of a pre-set Library of Categories and Questions. Through this Library - which contains 12 business groups,77 action categories and over 300 questions - any company can easily design their own survey in a matter of minutes.

For those companies with unique informational needs, any portion of the Library can be customized, or new categories can be created, all for no charge.

The results of responses to performance categories are measured and presented in two parts. The first part, a sample of which is shown to the right, presents all "top line" scores to each question and statement that comprises the category. It also provides a comparison of the results to those in our international database.

As the sample shows, responses may be organized to enable you to compare and contrast current results versus those generated in the past. Many companies also find it useful to segment the results by division, region, product line, sales representative, or any of countless other possibilities. Whatever your informational needs, InfoQuest can provide it.

The second part of each performance category, also shown to the right, is the Detail Page, which shows the full range of all responses and the number of respondents for each question. 

Through these combined reports, you gain a clear insight in how your customers see your business, which areas they feel need improvement, and which areas they feel you excel in. Each category is structured to provide you with highly clinical and (most importantly) actionable information, which collectively gives you the tools and the direction necessary to improve Overall Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.

Customer satisfaction is just like any other business activity; if you can't measure it, you can't manage it.