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Net Promoter Score - Search for the Magic Pill takes a look at the NPS phenomenon. When it was first conceived a few years ago, it was seen by some as the answer to corporate prayers. Today, the luster seems to have waned considerably. In our view, that's because it was all wrong in the first place.


Trying to Keep The Customer Satisfied is a profile of the experiences of Abram Pullman Steel of Halifax, England. The article was first published in the November 2000 edition of Finance & Management Magazine.


How Customer Satisfaction Surveys Work, discusses how the multinational conglomerate British Vita has used InfoQuest to compare and contrast performance among a number of its divisions. It was originally published in the November 2003 issue of the company's internal newsletter Vita News.


Listening to Far-Flung Customers reviews the efforts of two companies with international customer bases to gather and manage customer feedback. These two case studies, which focus on the Transport Research Laboratory and Airedale International Air Conditioning was published in Pool Online in Autumn 2002.


Seeking a Meaningful Relationship? talks about the changing nature of CRM and how an effective survey program plays an indispensable role in building and understanding relationships. The article first appeared in the June 2001 issue of Quality World.


The Cassandra Phenomenon, which we've probably all experienced at one time or another, can have a significant impact on the candor and accuracy of most surveys. Eliminating its influence is a material feature in the success of InfoQuest.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys, A Practical Guide to Making Them Work, is a free 29 page E-Book that provides you with a practical guide to getting the most from your survey dollar.


Specifications Compared, takes a comparative look at the advantages and disadvantages, upsides and downsides of different survey methodologies.