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Available Applications


Business to business customer satisfaction surveys have been and continue to be the operating core of our business. From manufacturing to professional services, health care to banking, InfoQuest can benefit any company that meets three basic eligibility criteria:

1 - An identifiable customer base
2 - A product or service that is consumable or repeatable in nature
3 - Competition

In other words, if you do not know how or where to reach your customers (cash and carry retail, for example), we can't help you. If you sell something without repeat purchase potential (funeral homes come to mind), there's not a lot to be gained by our helping you. And if you happen to enjoy a monopoly, we probably can help you, but what's the point? After all, even if they hate you, it's not like your customers can go somewhere else.

For everyone else, no matter if you have 30 customers located within driving distance, or 30,000 customers scattered across the globe, we can help you see your business the same way they see it.


InfoQuest surveys have been used to generate feedback from Dealers and Distributors, Re-sellers, Sales Representatives, and even Internal Customers. Anyone who sells on your behalf, whether as an independent contractor, a licensee or as part of your company, shares your interest of eliminating any obstacles to sales that stand in their way. Given a vehicle by which they may comfortably and safely express their views, most are only too eager to do so.


InfoQuest employee surveys are a proven vehicle for identifying internal roadblocks to communication, productivity and healthy morale. Businesses suffering the costly effects of high turnover can isolate the reasons and stop the hemorrhaging. And even businesses that are running smoothly can improve their operation by listening to what employees have to say.

Although the delivery mechanism on employee satisfaction surveys differs from that used in a B2B survey, the InfoQuest survey box remains the driving force. Using our prescribed system, the average response rate will generally exceed 95%.


Management perception surveys are one of our most popular features. Utilized as an adjunct to either a customer or employee survey, we provide each senior manager in your company with a specially modified survey box that asks them to predict how they believe your customers (or employees) are going to respond to the survey. The foundation of the exwercise is simple - Do we see ourselves the same way our customers (or employees) see us?  The results can be both enlightening, and frightening.

Improving customer or employee relations can not be done without total management buy-in and participation. Through InfoQuest Management Surveys, we are able to illustrate and drive home how well - and often, how little - your management team is in touch with customer sentiments.



There are tens of thousands of business associations located all over the world - from industry support groups to fraternal organizations to chambers of commerce. Each of those organizations relies on membership dues for their growth and for their very survival. Often, they find themselves in competition with other organizations for limited resources.

Because membership dues paid to nearly any organization are a discretionary expenditure, when conflicts of money or time arise, it's the organization that does the best job of meeting the needs and expectations of its members that will be able to retain and grow its membership list. And because membership retention is the lifeblood of any trade association or organization, knowing what members think is vital to their long-term success.

InfoQuest for Trade Associations and Non-Profits utilizes the same methodology and processes that drive our other business to business surveys. The same survey box, the same high response rate, the same attributable results. Collectively, it is the most efficient way to determine which support areas are meeting member needs, and which ones are missing the mark.



Financial Services is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Millions of bank branches all offer the same fundamental products and services. When all is said and done, it is customer service that distinguishes those that dominate their markets from those that do not.

InfoQuest for Banks and Credit Unions has been proven to be an effective way to gain vital feedback from customers. From the effectiveness of relationship anagement on the commercial side to the speed and accuracy of teller services on the retail side, InfoQuest is a proven way to see the institution through its customer's eyes. Every bank or credit union wants its customers to view it as their first choice for all financial services. InfoQuest can provide the market intelligence needed to make that objective a reality.


Although electronic versions of InfoQuest are available for all the applications discussed on this page, for the most part, they are recommended for special applications only.

While the primary advantage of web-based surveys is low delivery cost, the most notable disadvantage is low - and declining - response rates. In 1995, the national average response rate to web-based business to business surveys was around 40%. By 2005, that figure had dropped to 25%. Today, it hovers around 10%. Web survey invitations and access instructions need to be delivered electronically, and with our increasing reliance on email for the conduct of business, survey messages simply get lost in the sheer volume of routine mail.

For business to business surveys where the ability to target respondents is vital, today's response rates just won't get the job done. Even with employee surveys, where web based products produce an average response of only around 40% - less than half what "the box" produces - a complete and accurate reading of employee sentiments is elusive.

Where Internet surveys can be useful is when a very large group of people needs to be surveyed, (a universe of thousands, for example), and there is no particular stratification within that universe, which means that targeting concerns can be eliminated. Thus as long as a sufficient number of emails are sent out, an Internet survey, despite its low response rate, will typically generate enough responses to produce a statistically valid profile.

Whereas most Internet surveys are usually little more than tick box paper surveys that just happen to appear on a computer screen, our approach utilizes an electronic emulation of the InfoQuest survey box (pictured at right).

To see and actually test a small-scale sample of what it looks like and how it works, simply follow one of the three links below.

Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey
Sample Trade Association Member Survey
Sample Employee Survey