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A One of a Kind Customer Survey


InfoQuest was born on the simple guiding principle that the business world needed a customer survey that would accomplish far more things than the current offerings in the marketplace were capable of.

Conventional wisdom at the time held that companies with abundant resources conducted telephone surveys. At the other end of the scale, companies with limited resources conducted paper surveys. Somewhere in the middle, companies with a bit of cash and interest in making a technical splash went with the fad of the late 80's and early '90's - Internet based surveys. Each approach was burdened by a variety of flaws and limitations, but when you're the only game in town, excellence is not necessarily vital to survival.

Our objective was to abandon the conventional wisdom attached to all those approaches, and to come up with a survey that would accomplish several key performance values.


  • Unlike paper surveys, our survey needed to mitigate the effects of both patterned responses, and the tendency to adjust replies after comparing current answers to prior answers.
  • It needed to eliminate the intrusiveness that makes telephone surveys so disliked and the influences and biases that make them so inaccurate.
  • It needed to produce attributable responses, while still giving participants the freedom to candidly express their opinions.
  • It had to be tactile and engaging - even fun - not something associated with drudgery and junk-mail.
  • It needed to be built around closed-loop communication so that it could be used as a relationship-building tool instead of just another task of unilateral benefit.
  • Most importantly, knowing that low response rates produce disproportionate responses from the two ends of the opinion extreme, our customer survey templates had to produce a high response rate so that participation could be targeted and the results could be believed.


The basic concept that is today known as InfoQuest was almost immediately accepted in the marketplace. After years of additional refinement and development, today we can proudly proclaim that we have met our initial objectives, and have in many cases exceeded them.

Today, we offer a highly clinical and extremely accurate means of measuring customer satisfaction.  You will receive the honest opinions of your customers and useful data to produce actionable results. If you are looking to sell more to your existing customers, reduce customer attrition, develop a partnering attitude with customers, benchmark different divisions within your organization, encourage continuous improvement or simply instill a recognized best practice, then InfoQuest is here to help you through its unique B2B customer survey box.