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Individual Customer Reports



The Problem Identification Matrix shows, by customer, all dissatisfied replies to top line satisfaction questions in each performance category. With this tool, you gain a quick and visual sense of direction as to which customers have issues with your company, and what those issues are.

To gain different views of the same data, the Problem Identification by Account Revenue Matrix organizes responses by order of magnitude of the annual account revenue they represent to your business.

Alternatively, Problem Identification by Account Potential, which is based on your estimate of your current market penetration in each account, organizes responses according to how much revenue each customer would contribute to your business if all of their purchases came from you.



Individual Customer Responses INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMER RESPONSES 

This report section recaps, by customer, answers to every question and statement in the survey.  A full page is prepared for every respondent and provides key contact information on the customer, along with a graphic representation of their answers.

Both individually and collectively, these tools give you a clear view, by customer and by account, precisely where your greatest problems and opportunities lie.




Every survey includes a Supplemental  Information Form, which enables all respondents to offer open-ended written comments on any subject . On average, about 60% of all respondents take advantage of this opportunity. Responses over the years have ranged from a few words to multi-page outlines providing extensive detail on precisely what individual customers would like to see happen to improve business relationships.





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