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The InfoQuest Alternative:

A One-of-a-Kind Survey



InfoQuest has created a unique survey that collects accurate, candid feedback, which in turn leads to highly actionable results. It is based on a simple, straightforward methodology first conceived in the late 1980's, and continues to be one of the most accurate ways of measuring customer satisfaction.


The InfoQuest Survey


Among the distinguishing characteristics (beyond the obvious) of the survey:

  • The survey box contains five compartments, each labeled with dual scales of satisfaction and agreement.  Reponses range from Totally Satisfied to Totally Dissatisfied and Fully Agree to Fully Disagree.
  • The survey is reduced to a deck of cards, each about the size of a business card, each of which contains either a satisfaction question or a statement. The participant simply reads each card, and then drops it into the appropriately labeled compartment to record their response.
  • A Supplemental Information Form encourages the submission of open-ended written comments, which the majority of respondents take advantage of.
  • Each survey is delivered with all necessary postage and packaging to return the survey at the customer's convenience.


Other design criteria that drive the success of the process include:

  • Top of Mind Awareness: Participants are "pre-validated" through a multi-step process that creates awareness of the process and its purpose.  Once delivered, the sheer size of the survey demands attention, and assures that the survey does not get lost on a busy desk.
  • Enjoyable: Many respondents have said the InfoQuest survey is “kind of fun”, or rather "like a game".  Because they enjoy taking the survey, they take their time answering the questions.  That, in turn, generates well-considered responses that tend to be more detailed and accurate.


  • It's convenient: Customers complete the InfoQuest survey at their convenience, shielded from intrusive phone calls, distracting emails and unexpected office visitors.  The survey may be completed anywhere, at any time.  
  • Closed Loop Communication.  We suggest customers be informed at the outset that when the survey is completed, you intend to share with them both the general results of the survey, as well as your plans for addressing issues identified by the survey. An offer of feedback is highly effective for creating customer interest in the process.
  • Every survey is fully customized for content.  Clients are given access to our Library of Categories and Questions, which contains hundreds of tested, proven questions on common business topics.  Need custom questions related to a proprietary product or process?  No problem.