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More Than Just A Survey



InfoQuest gives you fully traceable results, by account and by individual customer. With our closed- loop communication approach, which leaves you with a de facto standing invitation to come back later and meet with key customer decision-makers, you not only gain direct access to the people who make buying decisions, but you do so armed with a detailed account profile, which many customers will be unaware you possess. That gives sales and field people the ability to present solutions, and to draw additional information from customers in a non-confrontational setting. Altogether, it's a powerful, affordable and effective way to strengthen customer relationships and loyalty.


While it is an automatic that you can benchmark the performance of your business as a whole, you may also find it useful to compare and contrast different areas of the business. Perhaps you would like to see comparative results by plant location or division; or by product line, customer type, sales rep, geographic region, or revenue contribution. With our sophisticated data processing capabilities, any type or number of data segments are yours for the asking, all as part of the standard pricing packages.

Benchmarking is not just limited to internal measurements, however. As a standard feature of all our programs, we also give you the ability to compare your results to those in our international database, the only database of its kind in the world.


While InfoQuest meets and exceeds all customer survey requirements under QS 9000, ISO 9000, and all other known quality standards and programs, there is more to Continuous Improvement than just meeting customer feedback requirements. Especially in manufacturing environments, where business relationships tend to be built on a complex matrix on decision-makers and -influencers, all of whom can and do influence whether an ongoing relationship shall continue or not, account-based feedback from all stakeholders is absolutely essential to preserving and building the relationship. So important is high quality customer feedback that the EFQM (European Federation of Quality Management)'s Excellence Model, which is separated into nine business processes, rates Customer Feedback Results as the single most important item.


The Forum Corporation once analyzed the causes of customer migration in 14 major manufacturing and service businesses. They found that 15% migrated because of quality issues, another 15% because of price issues, and the remaining 70% moved on because 'they didn't like the human side of doing business with the prior provider of the product or service' - Tom Peters, The Pursuit of Wow.

Studies have consistently shown that a "Totally Satisfied" customer is as much as ten times more likely to keep buying from you than a customer who is merely "Somewhat Satisfied", which is to say that companies which exceed their customer's expectations keep their customers longer, generate more repeat business, and in both cases, can charge more for doing so.

Given that it costs 6-10 times more to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one, clearly one of the most important things any company can do is to make sure that its existing accounts are being taken care of.


For the executive team, InfoQuest is a way to find out what is happening in remote areas of the company; a way to gain a report card on what sales or support people are doing in the field; a way to gain a clear, concise, unfiltered feedback directly from the source.

Put it all together and InfoQuest can be put to practical use by just about all areas of your company. It will help everyone see your business through your customer's eyes. And, it will give you the strategic tools to improve and grow your business, but customer satisfaction is like everything else you do - if you can't measure it, you can't manage it.