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ProfitMax Strategic Profile




Contrary to popular belief and tradition, concentrating resources and efforts on those specific elements of a survey that reveal a low satisfaction rating is not necessarily the most effective way to improve the customer's overall satisfaction. ProfitMax,,which is built on a branch of the artificial intelligence technologies called Neural Networks, helps companies identify, prioritize and quantify the relative impact that operating changes will produce on overall customer satisfaction. The result is that companies gain the ability to efficiently set priorities and allocate resources in a way that will most effectively increase the overall satisfaction level of its customers.


The Old Approach - Importance Questions

Most people at one time or another have seen surveys that ask them to rate or rank "how important" various factors are to them. By asking for an importance rating, the thinking is that the answers will help identify the "drivers" of customer satisfaction. While the underlying thinking is sound, the problem is in the approach. By asking people to rate the importance of something, you are asking for an intuitive reply. However, because importance in the intuitive sense is contextually driven, the resulting answers are not only often ineffective, but are frequently incorrect. Stated in simpler terms, it just doesn't work.


The New Approach - Neural Networks

Neural Networks essentially operate as a simplified computerized model of the neural architecture of the human brain. Just as the human brain "learns" from repeated exposure to neural stimuli (or recognition of patterns - factual and behavioral), the Neural Network is also a pattern recognition program. Existing applications of the technology include models which have learned to speak, to predict the outcome of NFL Football games and horse races, to predict future trends in stock and commodity prices, to run power generating stations more efficiently, and to distinguish submarines from whales by listening to sonar traces.

Using a proprietary technique that we developed, we employ this technology in such a way that we are able to analyze survey data and identify, prioritize and quantify the real factors of importance - those things that actually drive customer satisfaction. The results of that analysis are presented in three primary summary charts:

CHART 1 - Existing Satisfaction With Key Survey Attributes 

CHART 2 - Impact Level of Each Key Attribute
CHART 3 - The Payoff Profile


Existing Satisfaction



Impact Analysis


Payoff Profile


Collectively, these three charts not only illustrate how "important" various survey factors are to your customers, but because they do so without ever asking customers to rate or rank the survey attributes, contextual biases and inaccuracies are removed. The result is a fundamental but otherwise unavailable level of understanding of the customer's thinking and priorities, which enables you to focus your energy and resources on those operating areas that will generate "the biggest bang for the buck".

Available as a standard element of the InfoQuest CORPORATE and GLOBAL programs, ProfitMax rounds out a process that gives you affordable access to the most sophisticated business development program in the world.